Hastings Pride with sponsors

Bringing people together is at the heart of Hastings Pride and we achieve this by ensuring an inclusive, fun and entertaining day. Hastings Pride is about breaking down social barriers by bringing people together and conveying important messages about social divisions.

The LGBTQ+ community represents something which cuts through race and religion and brings us together through the core of our humanity, our sexuality, gender identity and spiritual being. So why an Alien and Space theme, you may ask?

The underlying cause of any hate crime is the hate and fear of ‘Others’. Discrimination should not be up for debate: homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia need to be always called out for what they are: a contamination within society which needs to be resolved. This is what lies at the heart of this year’s Hastings Pride.
When we went back last year to the Summer of Love, we honoured a time when society was coming together through social movements and social change. It was a time of scientific discovery as we dared to reach for the stars as well as deepening our understanding of the world we live in. It was a time of inspiration, dreams, aspiration and hope.

Now, more than ever, we need to come together to celebrate our differences, to fight against oppression and discrimination and for a society where we all stand together as equals creating a brighter future and giving us back the hope of a better tomorrow.


This is our message,

our inspiration,

& our HOPE

Hastings Pride 2018

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